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On behalf of Freddie who sent in an email:-

I live in a rural community near big sandy tn. I have at one time made a fair study of birds around the county but lost interest.I would appreciate your help if you can in helping me to find the name of this bird.
The bird is about the size of a sparrow but is some kind of flycatcher of sorts. Best I can tell of color is that is has a soft yellowish chest with what looks like olive or brown bars on the wings, they do not seem to like having their picture taken. They seem to be able to fly in any direction but from height can land on a branch like a helicopter.the thing that sets them apart is that they seem to have three separate calls that come in succession then a short silence then repeat. I have heard these calls well into the  night. At  one time they were abundant here but with land clearing etc there are only a few that seem to return each year they seem to stay about three months.

Any help you can give will be appreciated. Thank you

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