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I hate to see a discussion that is sitting there empty, so have posted this to encourage you all to post as well.

I am a member of the Bird Id team, we are all fascinated by nature in general and birds in particular, so watching the activity on the Bird Id websites is fun!!!!! in the extreme.

None of us are expert ornithologists, but we have some knowledge and are learning rapidly and will continue to learn - it does mean that for some requests for help on identification, while we might have an opinion on what the bird might be, we will only say "the bird is xxxxxxxxxx" if we are absolutely sure. Hence we may post your contact request to seek the opinion of professional and amateur bird experts. Similarly if you have posted yourself we may not jump in and say it is "xxxxxxxx" unless we are sure.

With respect to Bird Id in general, we have absolutely masses of descriptive information, colouring, size, beak, tail etc etc etc; the major impediment to us adding more species to Bird Id is the availability of good photos of the variants (male, female, juvenile) of the bird. We would welcome any photos that you are willing to share and would endeavour to load the relevant bird detail information within one week - we will even add a copyright notice on the bottom of the photo to give due credit to yourselves for the photos. 

If you can help, please email us at

Many thanks 


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