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Webmaster Posted 24-Jul-2014 12:14


On behalf of   Stephanie   (who sent in an email) can anyone help to identify this bird..... 

This morning I saw a plain brown bird similar size to a blackbird but in fright from my car it lifted its tail in a fan and on the under side it had white spots near the end of each tail feather.  Please can you help me identify this bird?
I saw it in a wooded area near the fell above Allendale Northumberland.

(BirdId Comment) - sounds like it could be a female blackbird (but cant find a match on the "white spots" ) - but, as always, very happy to hear other opinions.

Can anyone help with the identification?

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Mulberry Posted 03-May-2015 03:49


Could be a juvenile European Starling. They're often seen in the same location as blackbirds, have white spots on the tips of they're feathers, and can be a dull greyish brown when young.

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