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Webmaster Posted 23-Nov-2015 09:40


On behalf of Fordie who sent in an email:-

Saw a small brown bird with a yellow stripe on its head and in the middle of the wings, about the size of a chicadee or smaller. It was a kind of twittery bird, when I saw it ,was about 5' to 6' away from me and seemed to be what I thought was injured because it was jumping about 3' of the ground as if it couldn't fly but as I stopped and was talking to it it suddenly flew up into the evergreen bush in my yard and I lost site of it.It made no sound and I have never seen it before. 

I tried to identify with 'An Audubon Handbook' but could find nothing familiar. I live in the Sarnia area of Southern Ontario and this is 24 October. 

Hope for some help.

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