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Webmaster Posted 14-Jul-2014 18:44


On behalf of  David  (who sent in an email) can anyone help to identify this bird..... 

Today, while on Bournemouth beach, I watched a bird that looked exactly like a gannet - high aspect wings with black tips, white body and wings - plunging into the sea in the way gannets do. 

 It was however flying at a height of about 50 mtrs between plunges rather than flying just above the surface. It did however use its ability to glide in a similar way to the gannet. 

 I am a keen sailor spending much time in the channel and I regard the gannet as one of the most beautiful birds to watch. In other words I am very familiar with them. It had, I would estimate, a wingspan of less than half that of an adult gannet. 

 Finally I would add that on one of its plunges I was no more that 10 mtrs from it.

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