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Drew Posted 10-Jul-2014 12:36


Hi I posted on 23-Jun-2014 about identifying a bird in my garden, despite 100 views of the pictures I uploaded, no one has replied to identify what kind of bird this is. I thought this site would have been used by many ornithologists who would have been eager to help. Does anyone know a site that would identify this bird. Regards Drew

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Webmaster Posted 10-Jul-2014 13:08


Hi Drew

Sorry you are unhappy with the lack of response so far.

Shortly after you posted, we checked our various books and reference documents and concluded that while we are unconvinced that the bird in the photo was a Willow Warbler (lack of markings on the back and the size and shape of the beak), we were unable to suggest what it might be. 

Hence, we, and I suspect others also, decided to wait and see if someone else is able to identify the bird - and someone still may do so.

Many thanks


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