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Webmaster Posted 13-May-2015 07:55


A new version of the Bird Id websites went LIVE this morning to make them even easier to use.

Main changes:-
  • Larger buttons, radio buttons and tick boxes on touch screens
  • Increased spacing between items (eg buttons, tick boxes etc) that are "touched" to make it easier and faster to make your selections on a touch screen
  • Re-spacing of input elements (eg selecting "colour" is 2 rows of six tick boxes on a laptop, 3 rows of 4 boxes on an tablets and phones)
  • Default orientation for a device is set on the basis of all visits of that device to the Bird Id website, so even though the website will sense the orientation and change it when the page loads, it gets it right first time for more of the time - which makes it faster for you.
As always, if you have any problems using the Bird Id website, please report the problem via the Contact Us page


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