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Hazel Posted 18-Jan-2019 14:59


I live in a bungalow with a large garden on the boundary between farmland and housing but there are a number of lakes and ponds nearby.   
Yesterday (17th Jan 2019) I saw a bird that was new to me in my garden which I cannot identify and so I have just joined RSBP to seek help.  I have been a member of BTO for some years.

The bird was some distance away going toward our large pond (35 feet by 15 feet) and looking very shy.  Details that I could glean in the quick observation was:
- bigger than a mistle thrush so about the size of a collared dove
- cream in colour but could not see any markings on its front
- light cream or white across the back as it flew away with darker beige wings
- flight was no more than a couple of feet from the ground and its flight dipped

I have not seen it today.

Sorry I probably have not used the correct terms but I will learn.   Any ideas would be appreciated.  

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