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From The Guardian on 07-Nov-2014 19:42

Esther Addley hears from an RSPB expert about the potential impact of the sharp decline of common species in Europe

Thats a buzzard! says Richard Gregory, gesturing at a tall birch tree stump 50 metres or so away, from which a flapping streak of brown and white has just disappeared. That was a buzzard. Thats one of the ones I was telling you about. Its back.

When Gregory was a young child, toddling around the green bits of Cheshire with a monocular, a glimpse of a buzzard made for a thrilling day out though he was mad about birds by the age of four, he was in his teens before he ticked the large raptor off his list. Now, though, thanks to reintroduction projects and legal protections, its number and that of several other birds of prey is on the up in Britain. We glimpse another one, as it happens, a few minutes later, and while I suppose there is just a possibility it was the same bird on a second swoop, Im counting that as a double sighting.

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