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Webmaster Posted 28-Apr-2018 20:26


On behalf of Norman who sent in an email:-

Small light brown bird on the underside. Wings slightly darker. A white mark at the eye and has a medium sized pointed beak for the size of the bird. Looks like some type of warbler or possibly a chiffchaff. 

Your thoughts would really be appreciated. 

Many thanks.

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Karmann65 Posted 01-May-2018 07:18


Hi Norman.

To the untrained eye there's not much to distinguish between a Chiffchaff and a Willow Warbler. But given the "straw" colour of the legs in your shot, I'd say this one was the latter. Chiffchaff have dark legs. After that you're getting into the realms of the length of the tertiary feathers etc to tell the difference. Hope this helps.

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