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Webmaster Posted 14-Feb-2018 12:14


On behalf of Phil who sent in an email:-

Large bird, about the size of a small hawk or owl. Rather roundish, not slim. NOT a hawk or an owl. And not a water bird. 

My guess is an exotic or an escape. It was perched on a power line. I've never seen anything like it. (I'm 61 and have lived in NE, MI, TX, OK, OR, CA, and now in ABQ, NM and have visited nearly every state.) 

Unique tuft on head. Main body was bluish. The tuft was reddish in the center and maybe black out the outside. The beak was short. I did not see much tail--probably short. I did not have a camera with me.  

All my attempts to ID with Merlin and online processes require me to ID the species first and when I just use color and geographic location they bring up nothing close to what I saw.

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