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Dougie Posted 28-Nov-2017 22:50


Hi. Hope someone can advise. Sorry about the lack of detail.
As we walked along the canal today we came across a flock of maybe 50 or so birds that we hadn't seen before. We are frequent walkers and know most of the common birds in our area.
These were very timid and we couldn't get close to them. They were perched high in the branches and moved away in fives and tens as we approached. About the size of a Thrush and overall bland colouring but with a yellow or white chest is about the best I can do for a description. One or two were seen sitting with a cocked tail, like a Wren but much larger, bigger than a Starling. Might be a winter visitor as we hadn't seen them before. Flight characteristics not unlike a group of Finches, but again larger. Not Wagtails as these have a more dipping flight path.

Had a look at various identification sites but no luck. Any ideas please?

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