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Webmaster Posted 25-Oct-2017 09:19


On behalf of Gary who sent in an email:-

In Cincinnati, I saw a strange bird. Size, shape & behaviour was just like a common grackle. The wings and body was black identical to a grackle, but it had a white head with a couple of black dots. There was a small 1/16 inch wide iridesent blue 'collar' where the white head touched the black shoulders/wings. I did not notice the color of the eyes.  

If you replaced the white on the head with the a grackle-blue it would be identical to a normal grackle. I saw it for less than a minute and was not fast enough to get a photo of the bird.

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Karmann65 Posted 26-Oct-2017 15:27


If it looked like a Grackle and moved like a Grackle then it's likely that's what it was.

Search for "Leucistic Grackle".  They do exist.  Leucism is a condition causing partial colour pigmentation loss and isn't exclusive to birds.

The collar you mention is just the normal irridescence found around the neck area but it will appear exagerated against the unusually pale head feathers. It's not surprising it caught your eye.

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