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Webmaster Posted 30-Sep-2017 07:21


On behalf of Liz who sent in an email:-

Size and shape rather squat / roundish. Seemed to have short legs, very little tail. 
Beigy-grey with bright green patch visible on back as it flew away. 
Seen by neighbour several days running simply sitting on lawn for several minutes before flying way. I had a brief glimpse there yesterday and thought it could be a partridge. This morning it was in my garden and I saw the flash on it's back as it flew away. This made me think Jay. 

 I'd love to know what it really is. 

Thanks Liz

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Mickc Posted 30-Sep-2017 12:18


It is hard to be certain what this is, Liz was but my guess would be a Green Woodpecker.  They are a little larger than a Blackbird and can often be seen sitting on the ground hunting for ants, their principle diet.  They do appear squat when on the ground and they have a short tail.  They have a green back, which shows up far better in flight. They have a red cap but can look quite grey when on the ground.  It is easily spooked and generally sounds off a loud alarm call as it flies off.
The Jay is a similar size and has the brown back with a bright blue flash on the wing, which as you say, is distinctive in flight.  It is often seen on the ground looking for food but stands quite upright and has a long tail.

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