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Webmaster Posted 25-Aug-2017 09:09


On behalf of Liz who sent in an email:-

A bird slightly bigger than a Starling, but as sleek as a Roller. It was coloured more less all over the same colour as a bullfinches chest. However on its tail it had a white broad flash across its tail feathers which were only visible in flight. Its beak was short, small and pointed, clearly for catching insects. It also had a black streak that ran from the side of its beak across its eye that when it looked straight at you it looked like a bandit. It hopped and walked across the short grass jumping up to catch flies and insects that were around in abundance. 

It was in a coastal area in Essex that I saw it and then it disappeared. I have searched books and on line and cannot find out what it was. 

Any ideas? 

Many thanks Liz

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