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From The Guardian on 29-Aug-2014 06:59

Like Americas bald eagle, the UK too should have its own iconic bird and there are 60 for the public to choose fromAmericas got one, so does Sweden and even Bhutan but Britain is strangely bereft of a national bird, a feathered symbol that is the essence of the country that it represents. It is hard to believe that Britain, known as a nation of animal lovers, has never voted to have a bird represent it in the global pecking order.Some may say that the humble robin is Britains national bird. Indeed, the robin redbreast, pictured on many a Christmas card and the gardeners friend, has always been viewed as the avian personification of Britishness. In a poll for the Times in 1961, it was voted the nations favourite bird, but it has never been officially recognised as a national bird.

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