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Gilli88 Posted 06-Apr-2017 00:45



I'm Mark (Gilli88), a recent 'joiner' to the site.
I live in the North East of England, Near Ashington in Northumberland.

I'm a keen amateur when it comes to birds and bird watching but I do enjoy getting out with my camera and catching 'Nature' oriented shots.. Birds, Animal, Plants etc..
Photography is my primary interest but Birds are very much one of my favourite subjects to photograph ( and subsequently to try to identify.. )

I post lots of bird pictures on a well known photo sharing site ( That cannot be named apparently..) If you are familiar with it, my photostream does feature a lot of wildlife and bird photographs that may be of interest.. Same user name as here with 2 extra 8's added at the end..
I'll post some pics to this group every now and then.. Hopefully somebody might find them useful if they have a bird that needs identifying but I don't want to sicken everyone with loads and loads of them so I'll try to keep it 'occasional' and maybe concentrate on my better efforts...

Many Thanks and Good Luck to Everyone .. I hope you get to tick off your 'Must See' birds sooner rather than later .. I would particularly love to see and photograph a Kingfisher and maybe a Barn Owl .. among hundreds of others.. 

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