Female Green-winged Teal

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Colouring Streaked brown body, grey legs and bill
Voice Loud ringing high pitched
Feeds on Plants and seeds
Flight Quick and active
Nesting Ground
Social Small Flocks
Female Green-winged Teal
Female Green-winged Teal
Also Known As ..
Common Teal
Eurasian Teal
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Base Information
Sex Female
Age Both
Status Secure
Order Anseriformes
Family Anatidae
Species Anas crecca
Category Wildfowl
StdName Common Teal
Vital Statistics
Length 13.4 to 15.0 ins
Weight 8.8 to 14.2 ozs
Wingspan 22.8 to 25.2 ins
Lifespan 10 to 15 years
Beak Length Medium
Beak Width Medium
Beak Shape Spatulate
Tail Length Short
Distribution YCommon RRare VVery Rare NNot Seen
Region EUNEurope
Region NAYNorth America
Country USYUnited States
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