Female Eurasian Dotterel

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Colouring Grey-brown upper, rust-red lower, black belly
Voice Silent outside breeding season
Feeds on Flies, beetles, earthworms
Flight Quick and agile
Nesting Ground
Social Small Flocks
Female Eurasian Dotterel
Female Eurasian Dotterel
Also Known As ..
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Base Information
Sex Female
Age Both
Status Secure
Order Charadriiformes
Family Charadriidae
Species Charadrius morinellus
Category Waders
StdName Eurasian Dotterel
Vital Statistics
Length 20 to 22 cms
Weight 90 to 145 gms
Wingspan 57 to 64 cms
Lifespan 5 to 10 years
Beak Length Short
Beak Width Narrow
Beak Shape General
Tail Length Medium
Distribution YCommon RRare VVery Rare NNot Seen
Region EUYEurope
Region NAYNorth America
Country USYUnited States
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