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Juvenile Tennessee Warbler

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Colouring Yellow-green overall with pale eyebrow. White under tail.
Voice Repeated "tsip"
Feeds on Insects, in particular the spruce budworm
Flight Weak fluttering flight with shallow wingbeats
Nesting Ground
Social Mixed Flocks
Juvenile Tennessee Warbler
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Base Information
Sex Both
Age Juvenile
Status LC-Least Concern
Order Passeriformes
Family Parulidae
Species Leiothlypis peregrina
Category New World Warblers
StdName Tennessee Warbler
Vital Statistics
Length 3.9 to 4.7 ins
Weight 0.3 to 0.4 ozs
Wingspan 7.1 to 7.9 ins
Lifespan 0 to 0 years
Beak Length Short
Beak Width Narrow
Beak Shape General
Tail Length Short
Distribution (underline = this CommonName used here)
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YCommon SScarce RRare NNot Seen
Region AFAfrica
Region ASAsia
Region CACentral America
Region CBCaribbean
Region EUEurope
Region NANorth America
Country CACanada
Country USUnited States
Region OCOceania
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