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Philadelphia Vireo

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Colouring Olive-brown on upper with yellow lower; dark eyes and a grey crown. Dark line through the eyes and a white stripe just above, legs are blue / grey.
Voice Three to five notes, "weeezh weeezh weeezh"
Feeds on Insects and some fruit
Flight Fast, strong flight, often hovers to catch insects
Nesting Tree
Social Family Groups
Philadelphia Vireo
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Base Information
Sex Both
Age Both
Status LC-Least Concern
Order Passeriformes
Family Vireonidae
Species Vireo philadelphicus
Category Vireos, Greenlets, Shrike-babblers
StdName Philadelphia Vireo
Vital Statistics
Length 3.9 to 5.1 ins
Weight 0.4 to 0.6 ozs
Wingspan 7.5 to 8.3 ins
Lifespan 0 to 0 years
Beak Length Short
Beak Width Narrow
Beak Shape General
Tail Length Short
Distribution (underline = this CommonName used here) YCommon SScarce RRare NNot Seen
Region EUEurope
Region NANorth America
Country CACanada
Country USUnited States
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